About Perfect Sky

Perfect Sky is innovative and uncomplicated

The Perfect Sky employees bring a wealth of experience from their professional background in catering, theater and entertainmentproductions. They know what is at stake and they know the importance of a well organised event. They can empathize in your wishes and will always search for a complete and appropriate solution. This solution is always focussed on the visual aspects as well as on the efficiency.

Perfect Sky has already proven her quality and value many times. Click here for inspiration.

The Perfect Sky canopy will also provide for an upgrade of the atmosphere on the festival terrain. Companies such Puma, Porsche and Chanel have already discovered the advantages of Perfect Sky. 

A Perfect Sky canopy is available in several sizes and can be placed on almost every terrain. The building and taking down of a Perfect Sky can be done very quickly. In open field the Perfect Sky can be build within 4/6 hours and can be taken down within 2,5 hours after termination of the event.
The canopy is not only a solution for for example productpresentations, company presentations, town festivals, sportevents, concerts and fashion shows in open air, but the Perfect Sky can also be an upgrade to your presentation at indoorevents. Furthermore it's possible to print your own logo on the canopy. Different set-up variants for every requirement make the system variable, either by making use of a crane, using a tower or a polygon ring construction.

Technical specifications:

General information Contruction Time * Side Height Wind Force (max) Bft.
 Diameter  Wide  Surface  Polygon  Tower  Crane  Polygon  Tower  Crane  Polygon  Tower  Crane
10 31 79 5h 5h 3-5h 4-7,5m 5m 5m 10 10 6
15 47 177 6h 5h 3-5h 4-7.5m 5m 5m 10 10 6
18 57 254 6h 5h 3-5h 4-7.5m 5m 5m 10 10 6
21 66 346 6-8h 6h 3-5h 4-7.5m 5m 5m 10 10 6
24 75 452 7-9h 6-8h 4-7h 4-7.5m 5m 5m 10 10 6
27 85 573 8-12h 6-8h 4-7h 4-7.5m 5m 5m 10 10 6
30 94 707 8-12h 7-9h 4-7h 4-7.5m 5m 5m 10 10 6

* mentioned construction time is based on averages


The Perfect Sky Polygon system, available in 10, 15, 18, 21 ,24, 27 & 30 meters. more info


The Perfect Sky with tower, available in 10, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27 & 30 meters. more info

The Perfect Sky with crane, available in 10, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27 & 30 meters. more info


Perfect Sky is open about costs

We put much energy in finding the right balance between benefits and costs. We aim for a maximum utility of the Perfect Sky and more efficiency against a minimum price.

Thanks to the relatively short construction and dismantling times the Perfect Sky gives a large effective usage time. This has got several advantages such as:
• short  use of construction crane and forklift
• lower rent Perfect Sky
• more effective use of facilities

Clear about costs

If you are interested in a Perfect Sky canopy, we will start off with an exploratory interview. What are the wishes and possibilities? You will receive a 3 dimensional computerdrawing from the event terrain. This way you will exactly know up front how the terrain will look with a Perfect Sky canopy. You will also receive a complete offer in advance, so you will understand all costs involved. In this offer a resonably tight time schedule is included, so you will know how much time is needed for the contruction and dismantling of the Perfect Sky.

Perfect Sky regulates

When desired, Perfect Sky can also arrange contacts with several agencies and will regularly give feedback to your project manager.  You will also receive copies of all written information that is exchanged between the several parties involved, so you will always know what to whom is agreed.

Perfect Quality

Perfect Sky is constantly controlled by the independant German testing station TÜV. During the construction a certified manual is present at the site.

Our canopies are the only ones of their kind for which a complete and well documented construction manual applies (Prüfbuch DIN 4112). The TÜV checks this construction manual and hands out a certificate every other two years. With this all the requirements set in the standards are met.
As a result of this you are guaranteed of a safe product with a high level of quality, to which the licensing authorities can cooperate without any problems.

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